3 Fun Ways to Protect Your Prostate

The New Year is approaching, and with it resolutions. If protecting your prostate is on the list, learn how you can keep your promise. There are lots of ways to protect your prostate. Eating right and getting enough exercise are obvious choices. Taking a testosterone booster lifts energy levels and increases stamina. But when you have a lot of energy, you also want to have fun. How do fun and prostate protection go together? Read on.

Kegel Exercises

These are not just for women. Men can do them too. These exercises help strengthen muscles in your pelvic region. And you can’t help but smile when you do them. Plus, they’re easy to do. Simply clench your bladder as if you are trying to hold your urine flow. Hold for five seconds, then release. Do this 10 times in a row for one set. Work up to doing three sets per day.

Eat Tomatoes

Get a big bowl of pasta with plenty of marinara sauce. Then dig in with both forks. Enjoy all the naturally found lycopene found in every juicy tomato-y bite. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Want more good news? There are plenty of ways to make sauce. You won’t grow bored easily.High Test prostate protector

Watch Cartoons

We all love them. And every Saturday morning, you can be sure to catch them. Grab some cereal with flax seed (as an ingredient or sprinkled on top) and you have a tasty, healthy treat to start the day. You can up the ante by swapping cow’s milk for soymilk. Both flax seed and soy have prostate cancer fighting ingredients. Both are tasty alternative ways to add some crunch to your giggle fest.

The X Factor is High Test

Another way is to take an all-natural sexual health supplement, like High Test. It contains tribulus terrestris, saw palmetto, L-Arginine and more. It’s formulated to be a powerful testosterone booster that protects the prostate at the same time. Studies show consuming too many omega-3 fatty acids (from fish) may increase your risk of prostate cancer. It’s better to have some protection in place. Achieve even better results by combining any two of our all-natural products. It’s completely safe when used as directed.

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