4 Ways to Battle Erectile Dysfunction

You’ve got a lot on your mind. How to keep an erection is one subject. How to keep it longer may be another. There are many things that may surprise you about erections. Several factors, like anxiety, physical activity, weight, and alcohol consumption are a consideration when battling ED. These factors are the most controllable, too. Modifying some of your daily routine can help with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and Anxiety

Age is a factor. It affects your blood vessels. For younger men, it could be daily stress or depression causing anxiety. And anxiety will hamper performance. Whether young or old, medications can lead to erectile dysfunction. Controlling your stress levels and maintaining a positive mood will help.

Erectile dysfunction and Weight

Overweight men have much lower testosterone levels. This means your erection can be affected. Staying active and keeping a healthy weight is definitely a move in the right direction. It also helps you feel better when you use your body. You feel more confident about how you look—especially when getting undressed.

Erectile dysfunction and AlcoholDrink less to battle erectile dysfunction

Alcohol can relax and help you loose your inhibitions. But too much can make the penis contract. Keep in mind several drinks will suppress the central nervous system. Your reaction time is slower and your erections can become weak.

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