How to Bounce Back and Have a Stronger Orgasm

The average man thrusts about 50 times before ejaculating. Can he manage a stronger orgasm after that? The short answer is: yes. With these simple tricks, he and his partner can achieve a stronger orgasm and cut down time in between.

Breathing Deep

Rapid breathing excites and arouses. Slowing your breath calms you. And what calms you delays ejaculation. Focusing on your breathing takes your attention away from losing control. Plus, if you match your partners breathing rhythm, it will only intensify your session. Maintaining your breath and energy will positively effect the time it takes to become aroused again.

Tugging Testes

This may seem strange, but it works. As a man reaches climax, his scrotum rises up close to his body. When this happens, gently pull the testes down and away. Or better yet, have your partner do this for you. With practice, controlling the release and flow of ejaculate will help between arousal periods.

Using Supplements

Some medications are used for premature ejaculation. These help sperm production. Non-prescription medications can be riskier. They may hamper the production instead. However, all-natural supplements are safe when used as directed and help increase sperm. They often have other health benefits too.

For example, L-arginine, which is found in nuts, sesame seeds, eggs, and meat, is highly regarded as a sperm enhancer. While tribulus terrestris, a fruit-producing Mediterranean plant, helps strengthen erections and improves muscular density. Both of these ingredients are found in Power Finish.

The X Factor is Power Finish

Achieving a healthy weight and exercising regularly are part of an all-natural approach to a healthier lifestyle. And so is Power Finish. It’s an all-natural supplement that gives you stronger orgasms which increases fertility.
This all-natural sexual health supplement contains tribulus terrestris, maca, L-Arginine and more. It’s formulated to create erections and provide stronger orgasms. Achieve even better results by combining any two of our all-natural products. It’s completely safe when used as directed.

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