BioXgenic: The X Factor for Natural Sexual Health

BioXgenic is a line of natural sexual health supplements manufactured by M.D. Science Lab, LLC. BioXgenic produces scientifically formulated products consisting of four superior supplements made from all-natural herbs and nutrients infused with the perfect combination of hormone releasing ingredients or clinically-proven testosterone booster Testofen. Three of the supplements in the line are free from stimulants, which ensures their use with other products in the BioXgenic family. Our products are manufactured in the United States and cGMP regulated. Although no harmful side effects from our supplements—only improvements to your lifestyle and sexual health—have been found to date, always consult your physician before taking anything new.

Still Going Strong

mdsciencelab-logoSince 1999, M.D. Science Lab, LLC, made it its mission to bring innovative, value-added, and naturally made lifestyle products to market. Every year, the company releases new sexual health products. And every year these products gain market share. Our products are proven and have never been pulled from a store shelf, which makes us a brand you can trust with your healthy lifestyle improvements.

Internationally successful products include: Swiss Navy sexual lubricants, which has increased in sales nearly 30% since 2013; Max Nutritional supplements, which features the in-demand product Max Testosterone. These products and more have attributed to the success of M.D. Science Lab—a true American success story.

BioXgenic is part of a growing industry for those seeking to increase testosterone levels, boost their libido, and enhance the pleasure and duration of sex. A healthy sex lifestyle can be supported naturally with supplements created and backed by science. BioXgenic is made specifically for your daily maintenance for high performance—for your sexual health as well as your physical health.

Found online and in stores

Our products are sold at major retailers such as The Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, GNC, Walgreens and Drugstore.com in the United States and worldwide in over 48 countries.


Made from all-natural herbs and nutrients, BioXgenic products also contain hormone-releasing ingredients that help empower your body. Because they are naturally made, BioXgenic supplements should not be compared to, or associated with any prescription drugs or their claims. Individual results will vary as all supplements react differently for everyone. Always consult a physician before taking anything new as combining supplements with other products, specifically prescription drugs like those for blood pressure or prostate issues, and heart conditions, can be harmful. Your doctor will know what is best for your individual needs. BioXgenic products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Additionally, only a physician can diagnose a disease. All of these statements contained on this website and on BioXgenic products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are manufactured in the United States, and FDA regulated and inspected. Testimonials are genuine reflections of user’s experiences, they may not be typical results for everyone and may vary.