Enhanced Overall Health, Sexual Vitality, and Physical Performance

Imagine Enhanced Overall Health, Sexual Vitality, and Physical Performance with merely the addition of a daily supplement to your diet.

Formulated with powerful, effective, and safe ingredients, BioXgenic High Test is a revolutionary supplement designed for men that delivers the benefits of boosting testosterone with added prostate protection, providing dynamic results you’ll feel confident about.

Prong 1 utilizes a Hormone Releasing X Complex, working to support your body’s functions. L-Arginine is an amino acid known for its ability to increase production of growth hormone and accelerate tissue repair to reduce recovery time after an injury. L-Ornithine also increases growth hormone levels, while also helping to reduce fatigue following a workout.

Prong 2 is the Testosterone Boosting X Complex, featuring Testofen®. Published clinical studies have reported that Testofen supports free testosterone levels, as well as helping to improve muscle tone and reduce body fat. In addition, Testofen studies show its positive effect on libido and sexual performance. In a study on men administered 600mg a day of Testofen versus those administered a placebo, there were significant benefits proven, including improved sex life, with the average frequency of sex increasing from once a week to 2.5 times. The study showed an increase in overall quality of life for the men taking the Testofen, which includes libido, performance, and recovery time postworkout. Men also reported a significant increase in muscle mass and stamina as well. While other products may include Testofen as an ingredient, BioXgenic High Test includes the 600mg necessary daily to see results.

Prong 3 focuses on further promoting sexual health, satisfaction, and endurance with tribulus terrestris, an ingredient used in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to help with stronger and more frequent erections, high volume of ejaculate to maximize pleasure, and improved muscular density.

Prong 4 is an essential component of a safe and effective male enhancement supplement, although it is not included in the majority available. Increasing testosterone can result in prostate growth, which is why protecting against this is important, especially for men over 40. This prong utilizes saw palmetto to support prostate and urinary health, beta sitosterol to reduce inflammation, and bioperine to maximize absorption and increase bioavailability.



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